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Name:Mr. marjuki [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Instant Messaging:
Mobile Number:08128394166
Phone Number:08128394166
Address:Plaza Baru Ciledug. Lt.2 Blok B2 No.4
Tangerang 15157, Banten
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Registration Date:Feb. 10, 2005
Last Updated:May. 05, 2015
Business Nature:Trade of Consumer Electronics category

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we are product distributor of playstation x/ one/ 2/ 3 serve grocery / at retail sale of machine of psx/ psone/ ps2 , betwen : standard/ analog controller, memory card, cd games ps1, dvd games ps2, ps repair part: optic lens khs-400B, khs-400C, HD7, psx optic lens , ic driver BA 5815FM, LA6508, fuse 20, 50A, cable & rubber of controller . . product & price confirmation please visit www.tokomjstation.com / call/ sms + 6221 08128394166 payment : e-gold / western union

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